Mommy Blogs

Swapping funny stories about the craziness that is being a new mommy, has become one of my favorite things! Ridiculous stuff happens all the time!  So, I decided it might be fun to chronicle the small and silly things that I, as a new mom, have had to deal with,  in hopes that it’ll show all my soon to be mommy friends that child rearing is far from perfect. It’s really frickin’ hard and stupid stuff happens all the time! But I love it….

Long before I was pregnant (and mainly thanks to Pinterest), I’ve read a good amount of mommy blogs.  I just really enjoy following the stories of new little families, trying to figure it all out while balancing marriage, little kiddos, creative outlets, and more often than not, heartbreak and major life changing experiences.  I always figured I’d have a mommy blog myself one day… and today is the day!

A lot (and I mean a lot!) of my friends have recently had children, are in the process of baking a little bun, or are considering getting pregnant in the near future… All to say, we’re just at that age, and now all we really talk about is baby or future baby stuff.  Doesn’t bother me at all, I love being able to go through these life changing instances with others and frankly, I could talk about it all day!

So for those who are interested in reading about MY little family… here you go! Alyssa’s mommy blog 🙂 (and other things..)


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