The Perfect Pic

Today, my little wee one is a whole 3 months old!  It feels like time is flying, but going ridiculously slow at the same time… I don’t know how that’s possible…


Each month I carve out a little time to take updated pictures of Miss Joy.  They are pretty short sessions (babies are quite the high maintenance photo subjects), so I try to get the elusive “money shot” as quickly as possible. This usually involves a lot of high pitched noises, quick prop ups, and me saying “Daddy, lift the toy higher!”, “Daddy, get your foot out of the shot!”, “Daddy, she’s face planting!”. My husband is very patient…

I usually average around 100 shots in 15 minutes or so, and out of those 100 shots I’m lucky if I get 5 pics that I really like! Babies don’t really pose, sit still, or at her age, hold their heads up for very long.  Because of this, I have acquired quite the collection of pictures that umm, I’ll just say Anne Geddes probably won’t be knocking on my door anytime soon!

So for all the picture taking mommies out there, don’t fret when you see all the beautifully edited perfect baby pics that everyone posts online, because most likely, there’s whole lot of funny or awkward one’s that didn’t make the cut! (Still just as cute and adorable of course!)

Here are a few unedited funny pics of Joy during our photo shoots from age 0-3 months:

Two weeks old and already flipping off the camera… For shame…


The  1 month “post worthy” pic:

joy grey chair

The not so much:


2 Month happy pic:

joy 2 months

The others….



Not feelin’ the pumpkins…


Over her costume…


More interested in eating the rug…


3 month funny faces:



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