My Life, Imitating F*R*I*E*N*D*S

Well, Rachel Green in particular, but more on that later….

I was talking to my friend recently (her daughter is about a month younger than Joy) about how mommy-hood has stolen a part of our brain.  There is so much to think about, stress about, contemplate, remember… and sometimes, your brain just decides to rebel and says, “You’re gonna forget the ONE thing you need!” or “Right now, you’re gonna do something stupid”…

Here are some of my moments of brain rebellion:

  • The time I was cleaning bottles and instead of dumping the bottle into the sink, I dumped it all out on the counter…
  • The time I couldn’t find my cellphone anywhere, and found it under my baby…
  • The time I tried to screw my face lotion lid on a candle…

Those were just a few minor brain lapses, but there’s been a couple more serious instances…

I was getting together a load of laundry and decided to throw in Joy’s Halloween costume because she had spit up all over it.  She was a little strawberry, and her costume required me to dye her onsie red.  I followed the instructions to a “T”, and even washed the onsie by itself to get out all the excess dye.  So I threw it in the mixed load of baby clothes and my husband’s work clothes and started the load and went about my day.

Once the washer stopped, I opened the lid and gasped!  Everything… was… pink… The first thing that popped into my mind was the line from ‘Friends’ when Rachel exclaims “I’m gonna look like a giant marshmallow peep!” after she had accidentally  washed a red sock with a load of whites. A silly joke on a show was now my reality… Now technically, not really a brain lapse, but I felt like a fool and after a tough day of forgetfulness, I shed a few tears over the new clothes that now sported a pinky hue.  Now looking back, it’s kinda funny and a good memory 🙂

A not so good memory was when I locked myself out of the house… with the baby inside…

Joy was enjoying her time in her swing, and I ran outside to grab a pot to work on my christmas flower arrangement.  At the time, I didn’t even think it would be necessary to bring my phone or a set of keys until, the metal screen door slammed behind me and I froze.  I turned around and just stood there, wide eyed.  I just locked myself out of my own house. No phone, no keys, no open windows to climb through, baby alone inside…

I ran to the neighbor’s house, no answer. Next neighbor, no answer.  House number three, an older gentlemen answered the door and as I quickly explained my dilemma, ran across the street with me and started to try to pry some windows open.  At the time, my other neighbor came outside and let me use her phone to call my husband and brought over some tools to aid in the breaking in.  Well, according to my neighbor, no burglar could easily break in to our house because our windows were sealed in pretty tight.  A fact that would have made me feel happy in any other circumstance, but I wanted to get to my baby! Luckily, I could see her through the blinds, and while she was not happy, at least I knew she was safe.  Our cat kept looking at me through the window like “Um, can you get in here please…”.  Finally I was able to get a hold of my husband, who raced home with keys.  I thanked my wonderful neighbors for their help, ran in and swooped up my wee one.  She was crying, I was crying. My husband assured me I was not a terrible mother and then drove back to work.  The rest of the day, I was pretty clingy to my daughter, not really wanting to go anywhere and just stay home and cuddle.

I was reminded of the episode when Ross and Rachel accidentally lock Emma inside their apartment.  Rachel freaks out thinking about the worst possible scenarios, and Ross gets sarcastic with her, telling her she’s overreacting, but as a mom, I can totally relate to jumping to the worst conclusions… Here’s the clip:

I love ‘Friends’.  My husband and I quote it daily.  I thought it would end at quoting, not start happening in real life!

Anyway, the outcome of the story is that everyone was safe and sound with no harm done (except a small hit to my emotional self), and I got to know my neighbors a bit better, which is always a plus! The older gentleman and his wife want to cook us pork chops at some point 🙂


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