Catching Up….

Classic Alyssa…. starting something with total enthusiasm and then totally forgetting about it….

SO…. Here’s my “catch up” post:

A LOT of growing has been happening in the Braum household.  Spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Maybe a break from the blog-o-sphere was a good thing. Re-centering is always healthy.  God has been working on my heart, as well as my husband’s, teaching us new things, opening new doors, closing old ones… and all the while our little Miss has been growing like weed! She’s almost 8 months now… Sprouting teeth like nobody’s business, crawling is right around the bend, and babbling like a crazy person all the time! As crazed as my life feels now, I have a feeling I haven’t even scratched the surface…

Here’s some updated pics of the wee one… months 4-7



What a freakin’ cutie… I love that we made her!


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