New Series: The Gravel House

We bought our first house back in August.  It’s the perfect little starter home.  Quirky, made in the early 50’s, “move in” ready, but weird enough that we would want to do some renovating.  Just the kind of vibe we like!

The house’s nickname is The Gravel House.  It unfortunately was not named by us, but rather by everyone in our neighborhood…  It’s probably pretty easy to figure out the origins of it’s name, but I’ll just tell you anyway… it’s covered in gravel.  No grass, no flowers, just rocks.  Big ones, small ones, (“some as big as your head”… anyone?) with a sprinkling of giant, menacing cactus.  Perfect playground for a kid, right??!! Lord help us…. it’s plain awful… The only way Joy can safely sit outside is in her Pac N Play, i.e. her jail cell.

This new little series of posts will chronicle the updates and renovations of our home.  Watch out for our first post: Master Bedroom Makeover! Until then, say sayonara to this rocky curb appeal….( ok fine, there’s a couple hedges here and there intermixed with the cactus… but still… pick a plant theme people!)




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