Money Dress

A while ago (like over a year) I started a Pinterest board of just little crafty things I’ve made over the years. It was mainly just a board for me.  Well a couple of them have actually been making the rounds online, and a few people have asked for the website or instructions.  I had neither of these because I just made it…. BUT in an effort to help ( I know how mad I get when I find cute things without a link) I have tried my best to come up some instructables for my “Money Dress”.

This was actually my mom’s idea for my sister’s friend who was graduating high school and going to fashion school…

Money Dress


1. Small Dress Form that you can stick pins in (I think we found it at Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods…. probably in the jewelry or girls room section).  If you can’t find them in any stores, I’m sure you can purchase online!! Yay technology!

2. Small push pins

3. As many dolla’ bills as you are willing to spend

4. Optional Ribbon


Unfortunately I have no progress pics but I will explain as best I can…

For the skirt portion of dress: fold a single dollar bill into a point at one end, however big or small you want.  With the excess part of the bill (the part that’s not pointed) fold it down once, so it isn’t as long.

Then, starting at the bottom of the form, take the bill and pin it to the form.  Then you basically keep creating points and pinning them around the form, working your way up in a shingle pattern. (Since you layers will basically lay on top of each other, it will cover the pins and imperfections)

Here’s a close up pic.  Hope is makes sense.  It’s really an opportunity to be creative and fold however you want.  The point is to make layers so it looks like a cute cocktail dress



For the bodice:

I wrapped and pinned a couple bills around the waist of the form, so it looked more like a corset.  I then crinkled folded a bill or two to create the top portions.  Pinning and hiding things as I went.  Like I said, be creative.  I just moved and pinned things wherever I saw fit.


Once you’re done pinning, feel free to add ribbon or embellishments.  Hide what you don’t like.  Your grad will just be so happy to get money!!! Ha!

This is more creative then just giving cash in an envelope!


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