Master Bedroom Makeover!


The “Gravel House” is becoming a home! Buying a house and having a baby 2 weeks later kinda puts a damper on nesting, but slowly but surely it’s gettin’ done!

To be honest, the master bedroom was the last room we decorated.  For a long time, we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor, with extra furniture stuffed against the walls.  We had bigger issues to tend to (like repainting  a million kitchen cabinets! oh!… and having a newborn), so we made due for a time.

After a while though, with a house filling up with more and more baby things, we were in need of a retreat.  The rest of the house (as you will see in posts to come) is pretty neutral.  A lot of grays, greens, and tans.  So my hubs decided that we should go bold, something new for us and different from the rest of the house, so it felt like a nice little getaway from house and baby life. So here ya go!…



Boom.  I don’t think you can get higher contrast than purple and yellow!  We decided to go more “dusty purple’ on the walls, to make it a little more adult-like.  Also made sure to ground it all with a neutral palette, because these colors can get out of hand real quick!  I think we did a pretty good job… A little bold, eclectic, mod, vintage….


It was also important to us to create a different “zone” in the room… make it feel bigger, more hotel-like.  So we found a sweet cushy loveseat to go under our window, and added a side table for wine glasses and whatnot (this is a MOMMY and DADDY retreat room, people!) It’s amazing how MORE furniture can actually make a room feel larger than it is…

I also really enjoyed mixing tons of patterns and textures.  The key is to not repeat the same kinda of pattern.  Our duvet is bold and large, so the loveseat is small, and more geometric.  This also contrasts with the light and flowier  pattern on the curtains.  The art is really soft looking, and we added a lot of copper accents for some metallic  and shine.  Furry rug and blanket, etc… you get the idea…  I’d definitely say that we rock the eclectic vibe pretty hard in the entire house.



What do you think?! Please disregard the naked pillows on the bed, I’m in search for the perfect dusty purple shams!  It all turned out slightly more feminine than I originally planned, but we love it! This decor was definitely out of the box for us, but being able to create different vibes in one house is what makes decorating fun!!


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