The Gravel House: Backyard Update

Ahh construction…. it’s really like digging a hole that doesn’t get any deeper.  The tasks are never ending…

I got it in my stubborn mommy mind that no matter what, we are having my daughter’s first birthday party at our house! I really didn’t want it at a park… in the hottest part of summer…

So began the backyard renovation.  All on our own.

This involved removing giant cactus and a million pounds of gravel!  That took a while….

We also laid pavers around our gravel patio and quickly realized it wasn’t going to work with our new outdoor furniture, so we ripped them all up.  Weekend wasted….

We are now in the process of laying down some sweet artificial grass! Haters gonna hate, but we don’t care… Enjoy your water bill!

There’s just so many ideas bouncing around my skull and i’m just praying it all gets done in time…. One month and counting….


Until then, enjoy my daughter “helping”…




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