Joy’s Bright, Bright Sunshiny Birthday!

It was also a HOT, HOT sunshiny birthday! I guess that’s what happens when your child decides to make her arrival in the smack-dab middle of August in SoCal!

Because we have had a particularly hot summer out here, I decided to run with it and make the theme something bright and sunny!!

Enter sunflowers.  Too many to count. Everywhere.  Overboard?… ppssh no way!!

As stressful as it was, with months of planning in advance (meaning: buying all the summer things before the stores put out Fall/Christmas stuff!) , I had so much fun crafting and decorating for this special occasion!  (Also, royal blue makes my baby’s “baby blues” pop like crazy!)

There’s only one First birthday!  Right?!

I had a blast working on my photoshop skills and making the party invites.  I think they turned out pretty cute! (if we actually lived on Sunny Lane, in Brightville, that would have been very helpful for the theme! ha)



A wonderful, talented friend of mine made all the cupcakes for the party, topped with adorable candy sunflowers! (what else!)

The party favors were little sunflower growing kits!

Another amazing, crafty, talented lady friend made a ton of paper flowers and assembled our “flower fence” outside!


My mom sewed everything for Joy’s highchair.  The bib was just a last minute thing… She’s ridiculous.  I should really work on my sewing skills…


We had an empty shed on the side of our house that was of no use to us, so we decided to break it down.  While my husband was feverishly ripping it apart, being the craft hoarder I am, I told him I would still like to keep all the pieces (much to his dismay…)  We used the back piece of the shed as a photo backdrop and put out one of the doors by the front door as a welcome sign!  Endless possibilities! (Ya hear that honey? Endless!!)


This pic of our barrel coffee tables (and couch) are just a sneak peak of our awesome outdoor DIY projects to come! (Also our new backyard reveal!)


All in all, it was a crazy day.  But it was an awesome day with family and friends! But I’m also glad it’s over! Ha.  Love these two!  Now to start planning next year’s theme!


My dainty cake smasher.  Such a lady….


Moms and babies…


And for good measures, if you didn’t get enough blue and yellow, here’s a couple pics from Joy’s ONE photo  shoot!




For a little freebie, I made some corresponding printable  “thank you” notes if you are in a pinch to send someone a sweet note!!


Now, enjoy the rest of summer!