“Winter Glam” Bridal Shower with a Twist!

Unique parties are the best kind!

This one happened to be a bridal shower, planned with love by my mom, aunts, and myself,  for my wonderful cousin, a unique and edgy girl herself!

We wanted to do a nod to her wedding theme, a  “winter glam” mostly white wedding,  but didn’t want it to be christmasy.  Oh and we had to add the element of line dancing for the after party, but didn’t want it to be western-y…. an easy task. Ha!

Here was the result.  A little edgy. A few “snowy” elements, and a whole mess of old fashioned lights and DIY marquee signs for the dance floor!

(Linens, chairs, lights, etc. provided by Party Plus Rentals)

Bridal Shower Table 1

My mom created all the flower arrangements, and coffee filter flower votives.

Bridal Shower Round Table

bridal shower head table

My favorite part… the dessert table!

My “LOVE” marquee DIY coming soon!

Bridal Showe dessert

To add a wintery touch, we DIYed these simple snow globe cookie bags made from CD sleeves.

Bridal Shower Sugar Cookie

Snowball Martinis” aka doughnut holes, dipped in white chocolate, and rolled in coconut…

Bridal Shower Snow Balls


Bridal Shower Dance Sign

For the dance floor, I made this super easy marquee sign from a store bought canvas!

To make your own, all you need is the following:

  • A canvas of any size
  • a strand of christmas lights
  • paint
  • a pencil
  • a skewer or sharp pointy object


  • Paint your canvas with your desired word
  • take your pencil and mark out where you will be punching your lights through the word
  • poke the holes with your skewer
  • pop your christmas lights through the holes
  • Marvel at how easy that was!

Such a fun night!

Big shout out my to fam who helped plan, coordinate, cook, and rock the shower! It’s nice being apart of such a creative family!!



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