Easy Kid Craft for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Craft

Crafting with little ones is fun! Well, sometimes.

Sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating, but you fake it and pretend it was fun.

That was the case on this particular crafting day, when my “particular” little one, decided she didn’t want her hands messy….  Um, hello… you’re a kid, right???

Luckily, the craft turned out super cute! And for all who don’t know the “craziness” that happened behind the picture, will hopefully think it’s cute too and try it with your own kin.



  • Paper
  • Non toxic paints
  • Printer and Scanner (not totally necessary)
  • Picture frame of your choosing
  • and a WILLING child!! ha…


  • Let your little one loose on some awesome finger painting
  • Let their creation dry
  • Because I wanted to KEEP the original art piece and not cut it (and make copies for the grandparents), I scanned in the picture on my computer
  • After I scanned, I moved the pic in to an art program where I was able to type over the picture (I chose “X” “O” for Valentine’s Day)
  • Print the pics of the finger painting and the “process pic” to the size of your frame

I think what makes kid’s artwork cute is seeing pics of them creating their masterpiece!

Here’s the little artist before the meltdown and the final product!


Valentine Craft

What great about this is you get to be super creative and can make any holiday (or not even a holiday) you want!

And since I mentioned that this craft was less than perfect….Here’s how it REALLY went down! G-ma doesn’t have to know!

After taking out my camera and realizing this was going down hill:


After pretending to sneeze to make her laugh:


One second later:


Ahhhh the art of faking a fun time.  Us moms are pretty good at it.