GIANT Marquee Tutorial

Giant Marquee

Marquee Signs: all the rage, and ragin’ expensive.

I’ll admit it.  I LOVE them.  I’m on the band wagon and I don’t care!

For those of you who want to join me, here’s my DIY: LOVE Marquee Tutorial

I created this sign for THIS SWANKY SOIREE.  Check out all the other party fixins’! 

OOOOkkkk…. here we go.

Disclaimer: I’m still getting used to mapping out detailed tutorials and I’m incredibly impatient when it comes to making stuff, so my “process” pics aren’t the best.  Just deal 🙂

Supplies Needed:

  • 4’x2′ piece of thin plywood
  • A total of 4 1x4s – 2 pieces cut at 4′ and 2 pieces cut at 2’2″
  • Drill and a 3/4″ “Hole Saw” drill bit attachment (we bought a “Hole Saw” kit)  (size of your hole will vary on the size of lights you choose)
  • Nail gun
  • Strands of old fashioned (or any kind) of lights
  • Acrylic Paint (any color you want) (you could even stain the wood first… I would have if I wasn’t lazy)
  • Painters Tape

Step One: Paint plywood

I chose to do a very simple white wash: White Acrylic Paint and water to thin it out.



Step 2: Once your board is dry, stencil or tape off your letters. I just free-handed it for time’s sake, but usually I would print enlarged letters and cut out my own stencil



Step 3: Paint inside your letters.  Paint THIN layers, as to decrease your chances of paint bleed.  It’s no good.



Step 4: Let paint dry and then remove tape.  Step back and marvel at your crisp edges.


Step 6: Take a pencil and map out where each light will go


Ok, the next few steps I don’t really have pics for, because my husband and I were either working against the clock (i.e – a napping baby) or working in the garage in the dead of night.

Step 7: Attached the hole saw attachment on the your drill (pick the size you need to snuggly fit the size of your lights) and begin drilling your holes

You can kind of see the holes in this pic….


Step 8: Measure and cut your 1x4s to sizes listed above, and nail gun them to your board to create a frame.  Sorry… no pic of the process 😦


Step 9. I painted the outside of the frame black, and went back and painted the inside the holes we drilled for the lights

Step 10: Unscrew the light bulb, and insert the back of the light (what is attached to the cord) through the hole, and re-attach the bulb. Continue with all the lights.  Tape down excess cord

Plug in and say YAY! That was hard, but it looks awesome! (deer head optional, but pretty rad.)


Bridal Showe dessert


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