Our Gender Reveals: Baby 1 vs. Baby 2

Seems like yesterday we just found out our daughter was, in fact, a girl… and here we are again… with an almost 2 year-old, and Baby: Round Two!!!

To my dismay, what everyone says is true, and to be honest, I feel some mom guilt about it, but it just is what it is: You pull out all the stops for Baby 1, and Baby 2… not so much.

BUT we do what we can, ok Baby 2?? Give me a break, will ya?!! I can tell you care so much, while you’re all comfy-cozy in there. You’re probably more concerned about growing all your internal organs, but alas, the mom guilt remains… I digress…

I thought it’d be fun to document our preggo announcements and gender reveals. One reveal is more elaborate than the other, but we covered this already!! Go away, mom guilt!!!

Baby 1: GIRL

We went with the “Bun in the Oven” theme, which I quite enjoyed. Not at the time, while I was barfing between pictures, but the results were great! I hand-made announcements (that took forever) and we sent out to family and friends! So fun!

Inside the oven was a picture of the ultrasound.





What a little bean in there!


We had so much fun with our football theme reveal! We had all the game day food fixins’ and I bought sweatbands for everyone to wear, in support of their gender guess!




For the actual reveal, we decided on having our friends spray us with silly string! That way, everyone could be involved! It was seriously the best being covered in PINK!

Silly String




We decided to keep the “Bun in the Oven” theme for baby #2 as well! Again, came out super cute, but lots of running around and nausea and repeating “Joy, come here, look at your kitchen!”

Nothin’ says loving’ like…
Bun #2 copy


Welp, this go around, the hubby and I already knew the gender. I just couldn’t look away at the ultrasound and well, when you see “IT” you see it! All to say, we are SUPER excited to add a boy into the family mix!

We still wanted to do something fun with our friends, so hours before meeting our Life Group,  I ran to the store and bought gift boxes and mini muffins and created a little label on Photoshop. We took them over to our friend’s house and passed out the boxes and opened them up together. It happened so fast, I didn’t even get pictures or video of the boxes being opened and all the “hoorays!”……    Baby #2 people!!


A little sad, that these are literally the only pics I was able to snap, but I had an hour and a screaming toddler, who, to be totally honest, I stuck in her playroom and turned on Daniel Tiger… otherwise, there would have been no gender reveal at all!!!!

And soon there will be two of them… two. But that can wait for a different post.


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