Summer Strawberry Crafts

Strawberry collage

I don’t even like strawberries….

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to “craft” them!!

My mom’s birthday was right around the corner, and I got it in my head to make her a tea towel.  I don’t know why, but I decided that nothing else would do.  And it should be strawberry related, because… sure.

So I created a little design, and thought that I would try the super cheap “print on wax paper” way to print on fabric.  All I can say is that it requires many tries and a lot of… ehemm….patience.

You basically mirror flip your image, and print it out on wax paper.  The ink doesn’t dry, allowing you to press it on to your fabric.  Sounds fantastic!! The problem is that wax paper wrinkles really easily (even when you tape it down to card stock!!!). You anxiously wait as your wax paper prints, eyes getting wider as it starts to come out looking perfect, and just when you are at the end, about to rejoice, it smudges. Ruined.

And after a few too many let downs, someone (not ME) might have said out loud, “Eff this!!” and stormed off to the kitchen to preheat the oven for a pizza pity party.

I documented a couple attempts.  You might call these “pinterest failures”…

Too light….


Too wet…..


Too much work…. Over it.

Since I don’t have the ability to screen print at the moment, and time was not on my side to cut out an intricate stencil, I broke down and bought image transfer paper and ironed my design on the towel….

Yes, it’s a little shiny, and yes it bugs me a little bit…. but all that aside, I think it did turn out pretty cute. I added some trim to glam it up a bit for mom’s sake…

What you need:

  • Flour sack tea towel (from your local craft/fabric store)
  • Iron on transfer paper for light fabrics
  • Ribbon or trim (if you want)
  • Fabric glue (for those who don’t have time to sew!)


  • Create your image – you can create your own in photoshop, or even use clipart in Word, or find some free graphics online
  • Once your image is created, mirror flip your image (this is VERY important!)
  • Print out your image on your transfer paper following the package instructions
  • Cut around your design
  • Iron on to your fabric following the package instructions
  • Add trim if desired

Done! A quick and easy way to dress up your oven! Also could be a fun way to display your little one’s artwork!

Strawberry towel copy

For the rest of the present, I found a little berry container, filled it with shredded paper, and stuck in some fancy strawberry jam and a matching mini notepad.

Strawberry present

Since I had extra transfer paper, I saw online that you can use transfer paper on wood too! (It’s supposed to be just for fabric).  I thought, “What the heck, might as well try”.

I found an old wooden box lid, and ironed that sucker on.  It went….ok.

You know…. there’s a fine line between “crappy” and “rustic”.  For my sanity, I’m calling the sign rustic.  It’s all in the staging, people….

Strawberry sign

Probably the cutest berry craft goes to my lil’ toddler who made Nana a card for her birthday.

I printed out a little saying that matched the present theme.

I squished a toilet paper roll into the shape of a heart and held it in shape with a hair band.

Then I let her, “dip! dip! dip!” in her paint.

The perfect way to paint with certain little lady who does NOT like paint on her hands!


After she was done, I added the little seeds and stems to make the hearts look like berries.

Strawberry Art

“Oh no!!” (for the twentieth time)

Me: “Yes yes, let me get the wipes…”


A “berry” happy crafting day to you all!!! Enjoy both the failures and triumphs and just call it… “RUSTIC“.


“It’s Just a Season”

It was one of those moments, an out of body experience….

After a long day of me being home with the kid, and the hubby’s long day at work, we were all sitting in the den quietly watching “Daniel Tiger” while the kiddo played with her toys.

We were just laying on the couch, not moving, not saying anything, and all of a sudden, my hubby turns to me very seriously and says, “I feel like I’m Tigee.” (Daniel Tiger’s beloved stuffed animal) and in that moment, I looked around the room, toys everywhere, exhausted, me in frumpy clothes and 6 months pregnant, crazy toddler, and the realization that maybe we watch too many cartoons…. I thought to myself… “Something terrible has happened here! What happened to us?” And then I errupted in laughter. How could you not, when after Tigee finished singing “I’m Tigee, that’s me, I’m silly! Woo Hoo!” your husband has a deep moment and decides to proclaim that’s who he is… and it’s basically true.

It was one of those moments when we both went “Wow, it has come to this…”  We are truly and completely immersed into toddler parenthood…

This specific parenting season has been tough.  The amount of times I hear “No!” and say “No!” is too many to count.  Getting the toddler to eat is exhausting, two year old molars make everyone miserable, and the floor tantrums while I’m trying to use the bathroom are something I could live without.  I’m a little terrified that we are bringing another minion into the world in just a few months!….   But it’s our season.  I’m trying not to pout about it, which is hard. Every season has difficulties, some worse than others, but there’s always refining to be done, lessons to be learned, and finding joy in all circumstances. (So I hear….)

So for all ya’ll in the same season, I cry with you! Here’s a little peak into a day in the life of: JUST GETTING MY DAUGHTER TO EAT WITHOUT THROWING A HISSY FIT!!!!

1.  All beverages must have ice in them.  But you can’t just put ice in the sippy cup, she must hold the ice cube for as long as she chooses and will then plop it into her cup herself.  Tantrum averted.

2.  Applesauce is a must. But you can’t just hand over an applesauce pouch. No way! First, you must put the whole box of applesauces on the floor, then she will choose her pouch, run around with it until she asks for help. At this point, I will break the seal of the pouch and let her, of course, unscrew the cap herself, let her throw away the cap, and then finally…. applesauce time.  (will usually repeat this twice, since one pouch is not enough) Hooray, no crying.

3. Singing while eating.  My kid LOVES to sing. So in order to get her to eat another bite, sometimes we will sing “The Wheels on the Bus” as a reward.  The problem is it’s after every. single. bite. The wipers on the bus part is her favorite, but that’s verse 2… out of 3.  Each time. No pouty faces here!

4.  Pretending that her food is my food.  It’s stupid, but it works.  She will basically eat anything off of my plate, especially if I say “Do you want anymore of mommy’s chicken?”  The problem is that when I’m actually trying to eat myself, I don’t want to share my food… the nerve, mommy! So there’s usually a tantrum, but whatever kid… deal!

I think my husband’s face says it all…. On this particular day, she didn’t want to eat on a plate, but rather wanted to eat individual grains of rice off of the table.  We were there for a while…..


We don’t let the toddler run the whole show, but sometimes, you pick your battles… and when there’s tantrums at every turn, you do what you can to survive, and repeat out loud, “it’s only a season, it’s only a season”….  and then turn on some dang cartoons!