Two lil’ monsters, jumping on the bed…

Two little monsters, jumping on the bed.

Two little reasons for mom’s pounding head.

Mama took some aspirin, smiled and said,

“PPPLEEEAASSEEE just go to sleep!”


It’s been a little over a month since we welcomed our sweet boy into the family. We are now even, two men and two ladies in the house! For those of you who might have wondered what our life now looks like with two kids, here’s a glimpse of a day in the life:

It was evening.  I swooped up my son and carried him to his room.  I sat down in our rocking chair, started quietly singing a hymn, and gazed into his sleepy eyes. I stroked his forehead, and watched his eyelids get heavier and heavier, until he finally drifted off to sleep.  I stopped singing and listened to his little squeaks, each inhale and exhale in rhythm with the to and fro of the rocking chair.  I felt happy, but also sad, thinking of this same routine I used to do with my baby girl, whose independent footsteps I can now hear, prancing on the creaky hardwood floor in the next room.  I smiled, and thanked God for the two little gifts He so graciously bestowed upon me.  Motherhood is… beautiful.

And there you have it! This is what it’s been like having two kids…. The En….


Ok fine, here’s what happened before and after:

After one too many sleepless nights with a baby who is ALWAYS hungry, and one too many tiresome days with a needy toddler and newborn… this mama needed this baby to sleep, and this mama needed some wine…

I was desperate for a moment to myself, without tiny humans constantly touching me, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

As I tried to rock him to sleep, my daughter ran in the room, yelling and trying to “help” rock the rocking chair, until my husband gently coaxed her out.  Once he was asleep, in the middle of transferring him to his cradle, my daughter started screaming and crying because she didn’t want to go to sleep.  My husband took her to her room and started her bedtime routine.  After I laid down the boy, I went to help out my hubby with the girl.  She was refusing to brush teeth, with much kicking and whining, so I told her we’d sing some songs together before lights out. That worked (at least this time), and she happily let me brush her teeth.  We sang about the moon, she was happy.  I shut the door, she started screaming again.  I let out a sigh and walked into the next room, where I locked eyes with my equally tired hubby, who let out the same sigh, because the boy was also awake, and screaming.

And there was my glass of wine, just sitting there… so close, yet so far…

And that’s what it’s really been like having two kids…. The En….

Ok fine, here’s the real truth:

Both those scenarios are true and happened within minutes of each other, and that’s what it’s REALLY been like having two kids. I’m tired out of my mind, so full of joy and love that I could cry (and DO cry) at any moment, so frustrated to point that I could scream, and so content and grateful for the blessings of children God has given me.

Getting used to two kiddos (ages two and under) has not been easy.  We are learning, and slowly getting better at it, but man, it’s been a ride already…

I really never thought I’d utter the words, “Hey! Don’t put your quesadilla on your brother’s face!”, but sentences like that are just normal now.  I’ll add it to the list with, “Hey, don’t take out the pillow fluff and throw it behind the couch!”, and “NNOOOOO, please put down mommy’s cup of coffee… Ok, walk slowly. Ok, just put it there. Not on the cou… ok, it’s on the couch… Ok, just set it down. Good.  Hey, you didn’t spill! Nice, kid!”

(all words spoken while feeding Bear and no arms available to stop Joy from doing anything)

I never thought that within the first two hours of me being at home by myself with the kids, that a large, seriously possessed squirrel would run inside the house! (Yes, this happened).  As it leaped and bounded around the den, knocking over plants and running into walls, I frantically ran and carried the kids to another room, praying that no one would get rabies on my first day on the job… That would be an epic mom fail!  I didn’t have time to google animal control, so I called my husband, and when he answered, all I could blurt out was, “There’s a #%@^&!* squirrel in the houssseee!!!!” He quickly googled for me 🙂

After the nice animal control man took care of the squirrel, I called my husband back and cried, and then burst out laughing. This would, in fact, happen to me… especially after expressing my nervousness about being outnumbered by the kids. I’m still waiting to hear from God about what the heck happened there… Was there a reason that squirrel looked me straight in the eye and booked it in the house?? I’d like to know the answer…

Anyway, I digress….

I know parents of any number of kids, 1 to 100,  have similar stories, similar frustrations, and similar feelings of love and fulfillment.  I just hope the moms of two, three, four kids and beyond don’t judge me too harshly for being a newbie. I know I’ll get to where they are, and maybe one day I’ll be able to say, “Once you have two, you can have a ton more and it won’t be as hard”.

I’m not there yet, but I do know that I love these little monsters…. The End.